Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Better

Pre-Oral Sedation

Grant had his surgery last week. Everything went well. Including me. I know, everyone was surprised I didn't flip right out. I only cried once, when he came out of recovery. He had a little IV and was totally out of it. He came around in no time and was up playing in the afternoon.
Post Oral-Sedation.


My poor little angel. I was worried out of my mind. What you can't see is the
IV in his hand.

Just as I thought, he reacted oppositely of what was expected. He wanted to walk around once his meds kicked in, chit chat with people. The other children were quiet and about asleep. After we got home, he was wide awake. He didn't go to sleep until 11:00 that night.


I couldn't believe it. I was exhausted, as I spent the night before the surgery worrying about it. Once he did finally fall asleep, he didn't stay asleep. I felt like I had a newborn. Up every 2 hours.

See full size image

We also played Operation. Over and over again.  See full size image

See full size image

      Between Go Fish, Operation (2 different versions), Slap Jack, Bingo and Checkers, I've had enough games for awhile. Notice there is no mention of Wii? That's right everyone. I stuck to it and didn't cave. Grant is still not allowed to play Wii until he's 6.
By Sunday, he was back to normal.

Notice he isn't wearing a shirt? Grant has entered a new phase on not wanting to wear clothes  He's perfectly content in underwear. He thinks it's funny to run outside when I'm watering and shake his rear end. I have no explanation for the neighbors who witness this. My poor neighbors. They've seen it all.

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