Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Faker, Leery

Grant's school called me on Monday and informed me he was complaining of a very bad earache. Hmmm. So I called our doctor and got a late afternoon appointment. My instinct was telling me he wasn't sick. I called later on and apparently he had a *miraculous* recovery. I kept the appointment anyway, as I wanted to follow up with any illness, as Thanksgiving is soon.

I picked up Grant from school and he was playing.

Playing. With a crown on. When he saw me he smiled and ran over, excited to tell me about his books that arrived. I looked at him and said "You do NOT look sick to me".

He grinned and said, "but Mommy, it leery did hurt this morning".

His teachers were cracking up while this conversation took place.

I was not.

We went to Doc Thompson's and he checked out Grant. He had did have a little temp, but ears checked out fine.  I suppose I should just be grateful that he is healthy, but I was a little put out with his "faking".

He still maintains it leery did hurt and he was NOT lying.
Patinetly waiting for the doctor reading the his new
"Lego Ninjago"

Not sick Photo

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  1. I'm "leery" glad he is feeling ok! And I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I know holidays can be hard. I'm going through it too....