Friday, November 4, 2011

Long Day

Grant had his final allergy tests yesterday. I was instructed to bring our EPI pen in case he has a massive reaction. Wow. That's encouraging. After FOUR very long hours, Grant passed and off we went.

To the parking lot.

Where I had a very low tire. So, we took the car in to have it looked at and maintained.

There was a nail in one tire and surprise, another tire had slices in the side wall and was about to completely fall apart. And more good news, it wasn't covered under warranty.

Excellent. We waited another TWO hours getting that fixed.

On the way home, Grant decided he definitely wanted his hair cut, today, so we had to find something open.

We did. And we waited. For ONE more hour to get a hair cut.

Have you added up all the BOLD numbers? I will help. We spent SEVEN hours of our day waiting.

I am not a good waiter. Sitting around and doing nothing drives me crazy. And, I found out, it also drives my sweet little son crazy. We spiced it up on hour three at the allergist and had dance party USA in our exam room. A little Michael Jackson and Grant's favorite song right now, "Pumped Up Kicks".

He did a little break dancing and spinning.

Hour ONE of waiting at doctor's,
eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Batman and Batman came with us

Finally, a haircut. He's thrilled.

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