Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a another fabulous weekend

This weekend was filled with minimal obligations. Grant and I took it easy and spent most of the time outside. Picnics, side walk chalking, scooter riding, Easter Egg hunting and Palm Sunday. I photographed, as usual.

One story worth noting this weekend is Grant's explanation of electricity. We were driving to go "hike" at the park and Grant asked me if I knew what those poles with the grey cords were for. I looked outside and realized he was referring to the electric poles. He told me this long story of how "electric" runs through those wires that comes from electric eels in the ocean, who actually are underground below the poles supplying them with the "electric" (I corrected him at the end of the story, now he says electricity). Quite the imagination he has. And really, if you think about it based on what he's learned thus far, it's pretty impressive critical thinking. Of course electricity comes from eels, why else would they need that kind of power?

Friday was spent eating pizza and side walk chalk drawing

Cookie decorating at the church Easter Egg Hunt

In the moon bounce....

I painted a "super hero" eye mask for him...sort of....

This was my view on Saturday at the park. Grant played and I looked
at the sky.

See. This is me looking at the sky. Doing absolutely nothing.

Grant carrying the palm on Palm Sunday

He was "embarrassed". He does NOT like being at the front of
the church for people to see him. Although he broad casted to everyone
we talked to on Sunday that he would be on TV on channel 9 at 10:00am next week...

Our view from the gazebo at the park

Grant pretended to be an army captain the entire hike.
He threw lots of grenades and told me stand down numerous times.
What? I just wanted to watch the butterflies. He wanted to capture them. Boys!


  1. Grant looks super sharp in his blazer and shorts for Palm Sunday!! I love it! =)

  2. I personally wish electric eels supplied our electricity. Then perhaps our power wouldn't go out so easily during a storm! :)