Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taco Tuesday

The boys turn to "cook" dinner was last night. Instead of actually cooking, one of them decided a better idea would be Dorito Taco Loco's from Taco Bell.

Um. No. Not really.


Stephen and I tried to sway them another direction. Any direction. But no. The boys stuck to their plan and we all ate these crazy tacos.

Taco Tuesday.....waugh waugh.

Grant. In the process of going loco from the taco

Aidan. I have no idea. He just struck a pose.
He must have gone loco from the taco.

Needless to say, we have vetoed any future endeavors of fast food for kids night to cook. They will actually cook from now on.


  1. that's pretty hilarious!! smart kids i'd say!!

  2. Grant has me hooked on them so it wasn't so bad except for the next day bathroom break. This is why I cook our own food because as soon as someone else does or brings food home, Ashley and I both meet eye to eye to see who will hit the toilet first! Lol!