Monday, November 5, 2012

Multi-Cultural Night

It was another busy weekend at the Thornhill house. Friday night we somehow were talked into a sleep over while attending Cleveland Elementary's annual mutli-cultural evening. I admit I was not super excited about going to school for an event after the busy week we had, but Grant was insistent we go. Once Beckett found out we were going, Matt decided to join us as well. So off we went. All four boys, Stephen and myself.

This was a difficult picture to obtain. I finally
managed to get everyone not to make a silly face
and then Beckett moved. Oh well. Love those boys!

I'm so very glad we went. The parents and teachers did an excellent job of introducing other cultures to the kids. Each classroom had a different country represented. The boys were given little passports where they could collect stickers from each country. There were arts and crafts from Australia, belly dancing from India, cheese and baguettes from France, a Schultete from Germany (which Grant was familiar with thanks to my assistant Jacquie) and lots of other food and projects from all over the world.

As we were touring the world, we came across this table with jelly beans. Of course the boys immediately beelined for them. I realized these beans were different, but didn't say anything. And of course, all the boys ate them and quickly realized they were not your typical beans. I ate a black one, which tasted like coconut.

What a great way to get children to understand
the concept of not judging someone based on how
they look.
The boys continued their fun at home and finally went to sleep around midnight. We woke up, had donuts and then sent the boys on their way. Aidan went to his Mom's, Grant went to his Dad's and Stephen and I were alone for the first time in FOREVER. We had so much fun watching football games and just catching up with each other.

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