Friday, April 19, 2013

Sentences, Storms and Enchilada's

Wednesday night was a busy one. I came home from work to learn that Grant has been "disruptive" at school, yet again. This time is was his shoes. Apparently he took them off and was kicking them around and not paying attention. G is notorious for Spring Fever and it has arrived. Good thing school is almost over for the year.

Here he is sitting writing in his "sentence book", as that's
the most effective way of getting him to stop a behavior.
Today's sentence was: I will not remove my shoes at school.
He wrote it 15 times, however I believe he got up and
walked around and was social at least 16 times....

See. Slow going. Totally un-interested in
being held accountable for actions.  

After sentences we watched the bad weather on TV. You can't tell anymore when the weather is actually really bad or if it's just the weathermen. Stephen kept a close eye on the storms and determined we could indeed partake in the Wednesday family Chelino's night.

Bad Weather.

Stephen, my little storm tracking husband. *
*Notice we are in the back room. Where the boys
should be. We got kicked out of the
living room, yet again, so they could play
XBox. I think the XBox is the boss of our house lately.

Chelino's Wednesday!

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