Monday, June 3, 2013

Art, Hamsters and Baseball

Grant brought home a back pack full of his artwork from the school year. I took some pictures of them before hanging them in my office.

Jack and the Bean Stalk Reoprt...his favorite part
was Jack stealing...great.

This is just sweet. And, there are no weapons, so this
is a rarity, espeically with the heart thrown in.

This is a protrait of Alex, a friend of his in class.

I just liked this one. No idea what it means.

This is my FAVORITE. I framed it.

Grant started baseball last week. He's doing really, really well. I've been appointed bench coach, so looks like bewtween Stephen coaching Aidan's team and me on Grant's, we will have a very busy summer.

Grant pitching the ball to his coach.

Getting a little review from the coach on hitting.

G up for bat. He only swung twice and had  a good hit.
The other kids weren't so lucky....It was exhasuting watching the
coach pitch ball after ball until each child made contact.

Here's Jack Jack checking out the hamsters.
He's very confused by them.

And here's my husband, equally confused as to
how I talked him into hamsters. At least he has a smile
on his face. What a sweet guy. He even put the cage together when
I failed after an hour.

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