Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tornado that came too close

Oklahoma weather the last several weeks has been terrible. Storms, flooding, hail, wind, and tornadoes have been the main focus of our lives. This past week, though, came too close to home for me. We had to get tornado ready, change our clothes, pack what we felt we couldn't live without and head to the neighbor's basement. Thank goodness they were all so generous!

Chesapeake, along with many other businesses
let people go home early. I've never seen so many cars
on the highway at once. It took me 45 minutes to get home.
Normally it takes 10....

Within a few hours of arriving home, this is
what the sky looked like. I stayed in constant
contact with Uncle Jimmy who watched
the radar from New Jersey and told us when to take shelter.
The weathermen here are a bit over dramatic, so I needed an honest opinion.

Here are the boys in Whitney and Wes's basement across the
street. Whitney had a snack basket ready, an IPAD charged and plenty
of bottled water. Even the dogs came with us.
Tanner, Grant, Aidan and Thomas.

Stephen sent this picture to me the same day, hours earlier.
One crazy way to start the summer with a tornado, but the
boys grilled burnt their very own Bratwursts.
"NWS upgrades El Reno tornado to EF-5. It is the widest tornado ever recorded in the United States."

We were fortunate we had no damage and we even had power, which over 100,000 lost power in OKC Downtown was terribly flooded and the tornado lifted over us and landed back down to the South of us. God was loooking over our family that day.

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