Thursday, August 8, 2013

The First day of School

Before school look. Sweet, charming. Age appropriate.
The new "cool" hair cut. He looks WAY to old.
I've not written lately. There is so much happening. Aidan started his new schedule with his Mom. It's wicked complicated so I'll spare everyone with the logistics. He's been away most of the week, which is why I won't have much to post about him But no fears, he's back with us next week and we will be back on track. Grant started second grade on Monday and Aidan started fifth. The summer went by way too fast. Grant has been doing well. He did NOT want Stephen to walk him to his class on the first day, but rather be dropped off in the carpool line and show himself to his class. The first day report back was he did not have enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in his lunch and could I please pack more tomorrow. Anything else, Grant? Like do you like your teacher? Did you see all your old friends? Did you learn anything? Yes, yes and yes. That's all I got. Thanks for the details son. Oh, and he got a hair cut yesterday. Longer hair isn't cool anymore, didn't you know? .

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