Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catch Up from a Busy Week

What a week. It was super fast and fun. Aidan I spent every night working on his science fair project. (Waugh waugh) Thank goodness Grant didn't have any major projects or I would have flipped out. Actually, I think I did flip out, but it was legit. The computer crashed when Aidan was typing his project.

G spent Saturday with his Daddio. Aidan spent most of the weekend at Kristie's playing with Jaxon, Sage, Grace and Evan. Kristie's family has expanded exponentially.

I took all the kids to church with me on Sunday and what a event that was. I'm used to 2 kids, but adding three more all at different ages threw me for a loop. Everyone liked church and wants to come back next week.

I didn't forget Stephen. He worked all weekend :( We missed him, but not during the OSU game. THAT was a disaster, but I won't talk about it.

Well, we finished the project we on only had 
a week to do. Aidan did great.

The boys playing soccer. Notice Sage playing his
own version in the background :)

Grace made leaf art. And caught bugs.

I went to the Salon and had my hair colored
back to my original brown. Bye bye blond. It was fun
while it lasted.

The kids. All of them except Aidan. He was in the front
seat. Clearly there wasn't enough room in the back. Good thing
Kristie lives a few blocks from church. Double buckled-up.

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