Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year we broke our tradition of the 22nd street kids trick or treating and went to Kristie's neighborhood instead. Crown Heights really did a marvelous job and I think we'll go back next year.

Grant was a "Grim Reaper". Well, he was the ghost character from Scream that had a "bloody mask" option that G wanted.

I did not like that option.

I caved and he got it. I did NOT, however, allow him to get a knife he wanted.

Weird kid. I told him that, too. He laughed and said just joking, Mom. I just really want the long axe looking thing the reaper carries around.


What happened to superheroes? Gangsters? Giant organic banana costumes?

I miss those.

So I went as a pregnant hygienist. If you weren't aware, the past year has been a nightmare for me from a staffing standpoint because 5 of our 6 hygienists and assistants have had a baby and been on maternity leave. SO, I made a joke out of it. And everyone laughed. Even me.

Stephen getting G's bloody mask ready. Gross.

G and his bloody mask. Still gross.

The gross mask drove me to drive a nail through
my head.

Pregnant. NOT.

Candy haul review.

Crown Heights knows how to dish out the good candy.

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