Friday, April 20, 2012

Rock Ball

I picked up Grant from school on Tuesday and he was super excited to show me the map of the United States and tell me all the states he had learned. So I took a picture of that. See:

Once we arrived home, Grant headed outside to play. I busied myself with the usual dinner cooking and laundry and paid no attention to what he was doing out in the front yard. I had an eye on him, though. When I called him for dinner he was chatting with our next door neighbor. She informed me she was just watching Grant play "rock ball".

Rock ball?

Yes, rock ball. Grant tends to make up things and created a game in which one throws a rock as far across the yard as possible in an attempt to hit the neighbor's drive way.

I have no idea on this game. When Grant gets bored and there are no kids on the block home to play with, he comes up with all sorts of things to do. I sometimes wonder if people think we're crazy when they drive by and see Grant fighting imaginary ninjas or zombies in the front yard.

I found ALL of these rocks in his pocket. He collects them
wherever he goes. I usually find out about them once they
hit the dryer. Makes an awful loud noise.

And, here's a random picture he brought home from
school. I just love it, but know it won't last long. Glued items
never make it very far before they fall off.

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  1. The games these kids make up sometimes! So funny! He looks just like you in that first picture, by the way. :)