Friday, May 4, 2012

Santa Fe, Day One

Auntie Lauren, Grant and I packed up last week and headed to Santa Fe to finally put Dad to rest where he wanted to be. The drive was good and surprisingly enough there were very few complaints from the back seat. He watched a movie some of the time, did this part of the time:

and played on his Leap Pad the rest. I actually saw him looking out the window for long periods of time just taking in the mountains and different atmosphere.

Apparently, my sister drives like our father did. She managed to get us to New Mexico by noonish. And that's with 4 stops....I took over in New Mexico and drove sort of the speed limit, a lot closer to it that Auntie Lauren.

We did our usual stop at the grocery store and drove up to our little house and looked around the ranch.

 Here's a picture of our living room.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the outside of the Coyote House. Oh well.

We stopped by the bunny pen first. There were tons of big eared
bunnies and little baby ones like this one as well.

Lauren captured this shot. Reminds me so much of Dad.

Grant taking in the view.

Grant hanging out on our back porch.
We cooked out with Uncle Dave and Aunt Paula the first night. They arrived a little after six so we had everything ready to cook when they got there.

Peacocks were all over the ranch. Can you believe this? I've never
been able to capture one like this. Beautiful. And, they are so LOUD.
Good little guard dogs. Anytime you get in their territory, they squeal.

Grant and Lauren petting the mules. There  were little lambs and goats
as well, but there were too little to pet.

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