Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Years Old

We made it! Or, I should say, I made it! Yesterday was Grant's 5th birthday. His "party" isn't until Sunday, but he had a little school celebration. I walked into his classroom with 2 dozen balloons and the kids went NUTS. I'm sure Ms. Hines was pleased with me. I brought lots of sugar and balloons. Perfect. Especially fun when you ask them to sit down quietly after consuming ice cream and rice crispy treats (No, I am not a bad Mom because I didn't bring a cake. Grant did not want a cake brought in. He wanted ice cream and Scooby Snacks)

Good news....they no longer make Scooby Snacks. So I thought what would be the next best thing that Grant would want. Rice Crispy treats, coated in chocolate. Perfect. I was sweating it.

This was Grant's table.

Grant did a great job of listening.  I was very impressed. There was a kid in there (I will be nice and not name names, you're welcome YMCA) who WOULD NOT LISTEN. I totally didn't want to give him a balloon. But I did. Then of course there was the no sugar, no meat, no dairy vegan kid. Seriously? Guess what. She ate ice cream and her Grandma got totally "upset" that her goody bag contained gum. Can't wait to see what they bring for her birthday! Oh, the politics of Kindergarten.....

Ice Cream and chocolaty crispiness

We arrived home and I had the house all decorated (partially for the party on Sunday, I work ahead) with Star Wars. Grant flipped out. "Mom, how did  you do this? This is awesome!" He tore into his presents and immediately took a liking to his Darth Vader costume. So much so that he took the mask to show and share today.

My favorite part = Grant jumped in my lap and said "Mommy, thank you so much for my presents. Can I put on my costume now?"  Anything you want, my sweet little boy.

He put the whole thing on later.

Here's some more pics, but I'll post the party ones next week. They should be good. Dress up as a character from Star Wars.

Who does he look like? Goodness.....

I love you, Grant Matthias! Always, to the moon and back again.

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