Friday, September 24, 2010

Salisbury Steak

What? Manners? What's that?
So, I was able to get to have lunch with Granters at school the other day. I arrived and he was setting the table. SETTING THE TABLE. Apparently he is totally capable of this. At school. He's much too busy at home to hardly eat, let alone set the table. Well, his little game is up. Now I know.

Cleaning up.
You eat family style at the YMCA. The children ask to be passed things and say please and thank you. Holy Moly. And here I thought I was teaching him all these wonderful things. Ah, well. The point is that he really does have manners and was a perfect little gentleman at lunch. The kid behind him had 2 and a half "meats" as they called them. He must eat his mom out of house and home.

Did you notice his shirt is still white at the end  of the barbecue Salisbury steak meal? That's right, everyone. It can be done.

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