Monday, September 20, 2010

Bibles and Birthdays

Sunday Grant received his "Kindergarten Bible" from church. There was  a short ceremony at the END of service. The END of an hour service. Grant has never been to "big church". They sat all the "Bible Recipients" in the front rows. Good idea, planners. Not only are you expecting 5 year olds to sit quietly through a sermon and endless announcements, but you choose to put us at the FRONT of the sanctuary. There was no quietly leaving without everyone noticing.

Guess what? Grant was awesome. Totally behaved. The little girl behind us did not. Started wailing. Even the minister stopped his sermon and gave the little girl a sad little look. I bet that Mom just about died. Sorry to say it, but better her than me.

My little handsome boy!

Last one on the upper right. Too cute!
 On to the birthday. Picked up the balloons and three popped on the way home. Thank you Party America for over filling them and scaring me half to death while driving.

We had a good turnout. Just the right amount of kids. Yoda Soda and Wookie cookies were a hit. The birthday cake I made Grant was not. He wouldn't eat it because it was "the dark side" and they were bad. He opted for a "light side" cup cake.


Darth Vader candle holder

The kids were a riot and when I asked them to say cheese, Big Grant (our neighbor's son has a Grant too, he's older) suggested they hold a piece of cheese while saying cheese. Ha ha.

Great group of kids. Love them all.

I thought a Silly String Fight would be so fun in the front yard. Apparently I was wrong. Gabby started crying right away, after Beckett sprayed her in  the eyes. Thanks, Beck. And my little Grant started crying after when Auntie Jessica sprayed him and "got it on his new costume and it will never come out". Geeze. High maintenance.

The yard was a mess.

Not so silly Silly string

 Grant had a great time and ended up with some fabulous presents. Thanks to all who came and celebrated another wonderful year of Grant Matthias. May the force be with you all!

Vader aka Auntie Jessica and Grant.

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