Friday, September 3, 2010

Crayons and Videos

Yesterday was grocery day. My least favorite activity. Added bonus is when Grant comes along. Grocery shopping with children is miserable. I get hot and cranky and then there's always some weird person in there who gives me the creeps and then it's a mad race to get in and out as fast as possible.

I was proud of myself, though. I decided to give Grant some responsibility and gave him the grocery list. He was all business when we walked in. It kept him from the usual:

 "Oh Mom. Look at this! No really, look at this!!! Can I have one, please?"

No. You get One thing, remember. Oh, yeah......I remember.

Anyway, he was good and really did pick just one thing; crayons for the bath tub. Not bad. Cheap and no sugar. I was on board. (I think Auntie Jessica first introduced them to him long ago. Now that he can actually write, they've taken on an all new priority in bath time)

Spelling his last name from right to left. Hmmmm

That's the YMCA and playground.
**Note to the above picture. When I asked what he was drawing he said, "The YMCA and playground, but I don't have enough room to write their mission statement."     


Apparently you also learn about mission statements in Kindergarten. I was in college when I first heard about those.

After taking these few photos Grant asks if we can do a video. This child loves for me to interview him and then watch the video back of himself. I think he would watch himself all day long if he could. Seriously. He watched himself last night until the battery went dead.

I tried and tried to upload the video. Maybe it will work. I'm guessing it's too long. Bummer.  Happy Labor Weekend! (13 more days until Grant turns 5)!

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