Friday, September 10, 2010

Creepy Morning

I've been sick. So, I didn't want to get up this morning and slept late. Just late enough where if I hurried, I could get Grant to school and make it to work on time.

One *little* problem. I say *little* but inside my head, it was HUGE.

 It was a tick. Deep breath. A tick. Embedded in my precious son's head. First thing this morning. I was rubbing his head like I do every morning to wake him up and there it was. I was  cool.

Oh, hey Grant. There's a tick in your head. No biggie (excuse me while I go FREAK OUT in the bathroom), I just need to grab him. I seriously contemplated taking him to the neighbors where a man lives. To get it out. Guess what? It was 6:30am. Didn't think the neighbors would appreciate that. I'm so thoughtful.......

30 seconds later out came the tick and Grant didn't even move. He thought it was funny. I thought I needed to take another shower. To rinse the cooties I clearly caught from the seed tick.

And where did the tick come from? I'll tell you. The farm. That had seed ticks. I'm finished with nature for awhile. Here's a picture of happy Grant on the way to the pond:

Courtesy of John Deere Riding mower with trailer.

The other big event of the day was show and share/homework turn in. He took night vision goggles. I'll spare you the horrendous argument that ensued this morning. And here I thought the tick would have been the main event. Nope. Not with Grant. You don't get to show and share if you don't bring your homework. Kindergarten is serious.

Of course I remembered to pack it......the night before. Little tip I learned in all my four years experience of parenting.

Putting his homework in his folder. Yes, he's wearing fireman boots again.

I'm a big homework motivator. Grant does not like homework. At all. He did one thing and looked at me and asked if I could just do it for him. Please, please don't let me have 14 more years of homework battle!

Yes, he's brilliant. I know.

Right before he asked me to do it

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