Friday, May 4, 2012

April 29th. One year later.

Sunday marked the anniversary of  Dad's death. It's been a hard year. A lesson learning year. A heart breaking year.  A year of memories that will never leave me.

We decided it would be a good day to drive to Taos. We had a beautiful drive and stopped to shop and look around town. Poor little Grant had the worst allergies and sniffled the whole time. He was so well behaved as we shopped and made friends at each place we visited. We came home and had dinner at Il Piatto, my favorite Italian restaurant in Santa Fe. Grant had been there with me as a baby and it was neat to come back with him and create a new memory.

We each drew at our place setting  in honor of Dad. He was such a doodler. I found so many of his doodles on cards, bills, business documents...We each drew something we remembered of his. Of course, Grant drew something else. He didn't get to know Dad and his doodles, but I'm glad to say the doodle gene is indeed present in him. Dad would be proud.

It's a dinner setting. With spinach, broccoli, fish,
and chicken.

Dad's famous one legged man

Dad's dog doodles. Always a favorite.

After dinner we came home and went to the river one last time. To say goodbye. And to smash the urn. And at that moment it ended for me. Now it's time to carry on the good memories and teach Grant all the wonderful lessons Dad so lovingly taught me. I'll miss ya, Dad, but my chin is finally up again.


  1. Ashley, reading about your trip has brought tears to my eyes. So many emotions come up with a trip like that and you are handling them with both strength and grace. The way you ended this post is especially moving. I feel the same way as we crossed that year mark on May 3rd. This first year of grieving is over, my chin is up and I'm ready to move on. There will still be sad moments throughout the journey, but there will be more happy memories to overshadow the sad. Love you!

  2. Thanks, Emily. I started reading your Mom's post and got too teary at work to read it all. I love that you wrote to her what has happened over the last year. And the tree your frineds planted was so kind and a great idea. I might do the same. Love you!

  3. What a day to honor your dad! I agree with Emily about the way you ended this post and really, they way you ended your day! Love you Ashley and am extremely impressed and proud of you!