Friday, May 4, 2012

Santa Fe, Day Three and Four

We did a little shopping on day three while Uncle Dave and Aunt Paula hiked about. Grant wasn't thrilled with shopping, but was a trooper none the less. We cooked out again, Uncle Dave cooked pork chops and we had a nice time before they left the next day. Uncle Dave made a fan of pork chops out of me. Who knew I'd like them grilled.?Anyway, it was a quiet day and we went to bed early.

Saturday we decided to take Grant to Bandolier. It's one of Dad's favorite hiking spots. Grant wanted to go and see the "Indian Holes", so off we went.

Grant sticking his head out of one of the "windows"

One view from high up in the cliffs

Grant stuck between a rock and, well, a rock

Auntie Lauren and Grant in one of the largest dwellings.
This would be a Galardia kind of home back in the day.

Just too sweet!

Part of the hike

Grant managed the ladders on his own and did
very well. Some of them were pretty long.

We made it about half way back and Grant just "couldn't walk anymore".....Auntie Lauren ended up giving him a piggy back ride the rest of the way to the car. Thanks, Lauren. you totally saved my back on that one. We stayed in and watched Ratatouille and called it a night.

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