Monday, May 14, 2012

Ostrich's and Mama's

This weekend marked the 6th year Grant and I have attended the Ostrich Egg Breakfast with Nene and Mike's family. The kids did the usual eating hardly half of what they were given and running around. We attempted something different this year and fed the Lorakeets. It was a rainy morning and we didn't stay too long, but had fun none the less.

Sunday was Mother's Day and Grant woke me up with a big hug and kiss and then quickly asked to watch cartoons. We went to church and spent some time with Nanny and then went hiking at Martin Nature Park. We stopped by the Morgan's and brought them dinner (Hank is doing well and is happy to be home). We played Mancala (Grant's newest favorite game) all evening and watched a little Avatar. Pretty low key and perfect.

Mancala Game
This is Mancala. It's an ancient math game. Grant is way better than I am.
I've only won once. For real!

Ummm, well. This birdie went to the bathroom. On Bryan.
Which makes me laugh. A lot.

Everyone holding hands....

Grant and Edie Jane


Connor and Scout

Perfect Afternoon at Martin Nature Park
Grant making a path for the water to flow

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