Friday, May 4, 2012

Santa Fe, Day Two

Day two was more serious. We spread Dad's ashes. It's been a very long and difficult year for me without him. I  feel now I can start to heal knowing he is finally at rest exactly where he wanted to be (and out of my dining room).

The forecast that day called for extreme high winds, which isn't something helpful given out task. We all woke up, had breakfast together and walked to the river near our little house. Dad always loved it there. Lauren and I had scoped it out the day before and the river was dry. We arrived there that morning and there was plenty of water. A running stream in fact. And the winds? Not a breeze to speak of. You know me, that was a sign. We were in the right place at the right time with the right people. The people who loved Dad. Always.
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I have no words. Tears of sadness and tears of
peace. I miss you, Dad. And will always love you.
With my whole heart.

We drove to Chimayo after this, another one of Dad's favorite places to finish his final resting place. We met Jill and Ridgely (no photo for reference, bummer). Jill and Grant made some crosses out of sticks and floated them down the river where placed Dad (we had a few places we thought he'd want to be). Aunt Paula read a few words from some lovely poems and into the river number two Dad went.

 The entrance to Chimayo.
 The river is behind these crosses.

Jill was kind of enough to treat us to lunch at the local restaurant right by Chimayo. We had a long leisurely lunch and good conversations. Lots of talking about cars, which Dad would have appreciated. (especially Jill's Mercedes AMG, holey smokes, lady)!

We came back to the ranch for a bit and who should show up but our most favorite ranch dogs, Pupup and Lulabelle. Dad loved these guys. We all do. They are the sweetest poodles you'll ever want to know. We hadn't seen them thus far on our trip and were worried about them. They've gotten a little older and move a bit slow, but are the same friends we've loved for years. And how appropriate they show up just as we pull in from Chimayo.

We had a nice family dinner at Pasqual's (thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Paula). We even got our own table, which is tough there anymore. While the food was good, I discovered I'm not so hippie/organic as I thought I was. I've become slightly more "preppy" if you will, and think my Pasqual's days are over.
 Thanks for dinner, Pasqual's. You can keep your fish tostado next time. However, the brie was fantastic.

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